International Karting

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Drive with skill to win in this kart racing simulator

International Karting is the sequel to the top selling Super 1 Karting. With over 5 years experience of producing the very best racing games the development team was well placed to further improve the look and feel of the original.

The realism of this game lets you almost feel every movement as you battle it out for the number one spot. Experiment with the accelerator, brake and kart settings to cut your times and do your best to overcome the opposition, who, with great artificial intelligence will do everything they can to slow you down.

International Karting


International Karting Trial

User reviews about International Karting

  • rickhynes

    by rickhynes


    downloaded it, could not play it for 2 seconds before it was asking me for a payment. kinda useless - won't buy it un... More.

    reviewed on March 19, 2015